igli Junior Orange

For children’s feet with special needs during their growth phase.

  • Can improve the child’s perception of their body, correct a foot or leg deformity and actively reduce gait, coordination and perceptual disorders.
  • Provides individual correction of the position of the foot for pronation / supination.


  • The shell shape ensures optimum heel guidance and stabilization of the foot in the shoe.

  • The flexible carbon offers the necessary support without passively cushioning the child’s foot. This promotes flexibility and strengthens the muscles.

  • The lowered big toe causes a redistribution of pressure during the step-off motion and relieves the other toes.

  • The flexible foam bottom cover protects the carbon clip (for instance from abrasion caused by sand inside the shoe).

Children’s shoes
Various sports shoes

Which models are suitable alternatives?

If an insole with higher flexibility is desired, the igli Junior Blue C+ can be used.

Item Number Product Description US Size
PJ06191 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 19/20 3.5-5
PJ06121 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 21/22 5.5-6.5
PJ06123 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 23/24 7-8
PJ06125 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 25/26 8.5-9.5
PJ06127 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 27/28 10-11
PJ06129 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 29/30 11.5-12.5
PJ06131 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 31/32 13.5-1
PJ06133 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 33/34 1.5-3
PJ06135 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 35/36 3.5-4.5
(8-12 year old)
PJ06137 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 37/38 5-6.5
(8-12 year old)
PJ06139 IGLI JUNIOR ORANGE 39/40 7-8
(8-12 year old)
Available sizes 19 – 40
Weight per insole 12 – 22 g
depending on size

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