igli Hardboot

The sports insole for hard-shell shoes and rigid footwear

  • Reduces pressure points using integrated soft pads on the front and rear of the foot.
  • A feeling of numbness or sensation of the foot “falling asleep” is prevented by the shape and material selection, despite the limited space for movement within the shoe.
  • Optimizes power transfer to the shoe.
  • Relieves the base of the fifth metatarsal bone.


  • Integrated soft pads ensure soft cushioning of the forefoot and heel.

  • The design and the materials provide soft cushioning at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone.

  • The overlay material of antibacterial Alcantara creates a more comfortable foot climate.

  • The long carbon clip improves the power transfer to the hard-shell shoe.

Hard-shell shoes and rigid footwear

Which models are suitable alternatives?

If there is limited space in the shoe, the igli Control can be used. It provides somewhat less cushioning and also has a long carbon clip.

(p. 12)

PJ18235 IGLI HARDBOOT 35/36 4-4.5 5.5-6
PJ18237 IGLI HARDBOOT 37/38 5-6 6.5-7.5
PJ18239 IGLI HARDBOOT 39/40 6.5-7.5 8-9
PJ18241 IGLI HARDBOOT 41/42 8-8.5 9.5-10
PJ18243 IGLI HARDBOOT 43/44 9-10.5 10.5-12
PJ18245 IGLI HARDBOOT 45/46 11.12.5 13-14
PJ18247 IGLI HARDBOOT 47/48 13-14 14-15

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