igli Control

The versatile insole for targeted guidance of the foot

  • Permits targeted guidance of the foot during the entire step-off motion.
  • Specifically distributes pressure over the entire step-on area.
  • Supports the arch of the foot and provides individual correction of the foot position.
  • Specific activation of the muscles ensures sustained and successful therapy.
  • Influences joint position, muscle tone and posture.
  • Allows a reduction of possible lateralization in early osteoarthritis of the joint of the big toe.


  • The overlay of high-quality goat leather ensures pleasant comfort.

  • A cavity provides space for the base of the fifth metatarsal bone.

  • The long carbon clip permits:
    • a good pressure distribution on all bones of the midfoot.
    • a reduction of the flexion angle of the joint of the big toe.
    • maximum control during the step-off motion.
Leisure-time and comfort footwear
Various sports shoes

Which models are suitable alternatives?

If more cushioning is required, the igli Hardboot can be used. It has a slightly less shell-like form and also has a long carbon clip.

(p. 26)

Item Number Product Description Men Women
PJ02035 IGLI CONTROL 35/36 4-4.5 5.5-6
PJ02037 IGLI CONTROL 37/38 5-6 6.5-7.5
PJ02039 IGLI CONTROL 39/40 6.5-7.5 8-9
PJ02041 IGLI CONTROL 41/42 8-8.5 9.5-10
PJ02043 IGLI CONTROL 43/44 9-10.5 10.5-12
PJ02045 IGLI CONTROL 45/46 11.12.5 13-14
PJ02047 IGLI CONTROL 47/48 13-14 14-15

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