igli Concept

Igli Concept

igli carbon insoles

The dynamic mechanism of action for versatile and effective therapy.

igli carbon insoles combine conservative and interactive mechanisms in a unique shoe insole system. Deformities of the foot can be corrected, stress on the locomotor system can be reduced and biomechanics can be optimized with igli carbon insoles.

  • The carbon clip supports the arch of the foot. Special incisions in the carbon ensure that the natural movement of the foot is preserved.
  • The postings are positioned individually. They support the arch of the foot, correct the foot position and activate the muscles.
  • The comfort cushion absorbs shock and specifically distributes pressure over the entire sole of the foot.

The concept of igli carbon insoles can be applied individually in the course of therapy for many different indications. By applying specific postings, the various blanks can have a stronger cushioning, supporting or correcting effect, depending on the desired therapeutic outcome and requirements.

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The blanks of igli carbon insoles can be adapted to the specific medical indication, the anatomy and the body weight of the patient, possible contraindications and to the shoe situation.

  • The postings can be attached to the carbon clip using Velcro – for example, under the pad or on the inner edge of the foot in order to lift the transverse or longitudinal arch. The position and height of the postings are specified according to the indication, the insole and the patient’s sensations.
  • To make it easier for the customer to get used to the product, flat, or if necessary, no postings at all can be used when commencing the use of the insole.
  • The EVA material of the insole can be easily ground (grinding belt, ­60-100 grain size and abrasive flap wheel).
  • In the igli Allround, Allround Light and Allround Light C+ models, the carbon clip is not bonded in the area of the metatarsal pad. This allows the pad to be removed or modified as needed.

Tips for handling carbon

  • In the insole models (except igli Business Silver), the outer and inner longitudinal arch as well as the inner bearing can be selectively heated with a hot air gun to slightly raise or flatten them. Larger-scale deformation can lead to instability of the carbon structure.
  • The carbon can be selectively heated at up to 220° F.
  • Deformation that is carried out quickly ensures material stability. It is recommended that the insole be heated no more than two times.
  • To protect the carbon or strongly stressed areas of the shoe, such as the insole and the shaft, the insole can be either partially coated on the carbon rims or completely coated with an overlay material such as Clearflex.

Care Instructions

  • Please do not put the insoles in the washing machine or dryer. Do not expose them to direct heat or dry them on a radiator, since this can deform the material.
  • Synthetic upper materials can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use acetone-containing solvents for cleaning.

Important notes

  • The shelf life of igli carbon insoles is two years.
  • Store at room temperature and do not expose to direct heat or sunlight.

Small children under 6 years of age should not be left unattended with the insoles. They contain small parts that could be swallowed.


An optimally adjusted igli carbon insole provides an excellent form fit and ensures the desired function. When adjusting igli carbon insoles, the fit of the carbon clip must be checked and the postings must be used to adapt the insole to the foot, the shoe and the desired therapeutic result. The following information will help:

  • Length of the carbon clip

    Make sure that the carbon clip does not cover the head of the first metatarsal bone. To check them easily, you can simply fold over the insoles in the forefoot.

  • Width of the carbon clip

    Make sure that the entire circumference of the carbon clip is at least 2 millimeters narrower than the inner sole of the shoe.

  • Fitting the postings

    Position the postings so that they can not slide outwards and be forced into the side wall of the shoe when placed under a load from above. To do this, the postings can be easily ground if necessary.

igli Technology

3-way theraputic effect

provided by variable postings

During the adjusment, the igli expert decides which individual effect the igli insole will have. Depending on the requirements of the therapeutic intent, a stabilizing, corrective or cushioning function can be provided.

Focus on cushioning

The cushioning function of the igli carbon insole is achieved by establishing form-fitting, full-surface contact to the longitudinal arch.

Focus on stabilization

By placing a medial ball posting and a lateral wedge posting in the stirrup, non-physiological movements (lowering) of the bony structures can be mechanically limited.

Focus on correction

Deformities and biomechanical movement sequences can be positively influenced by custom tuning the posting position.

Product features

at a glance

  • Variability

    Using postings that can be installed in a variety of ways, the insole can be customized and easily modified during the course of therapy.

  • Flexibility

    The flexible carbon clip ensures good shape stability without restricting the natural mobility of the foot.

  • Light Weight

    Due to its light weight, the insole is hardly detectable in the shoe.

  • Form Fitting

    The flexible carbon clip wraps around and cushions the foot, promoting micro-movements inside the shoe.

  • High Cushioning

    Selected materials provide increased cushioning in certain areas.

  • Dynamic Force

    The carbon clip ensures fast, dynamic reflection of the forces acting on the insole.

  • Super Thin

    Due to the low thickness of the material, the insole fits into any shoe – even fashionable and high-heeled shoes.

  • Antibacterial

    The woven-in silver thread or the special surface finish have an antimicrobial effect and inhibit odor-causing bacteria.

Application Videos

Treatment of Hallux Limitus/Rigidus Using the igli Control carbon Orthotic by Pat Pande, PT, CPed.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis with the igli Heel Spur Light carbon orthotic by Howard Kashefsky, DPM

Runner’s Overuse Injury: 4th Met Fx with PTT injury by H. Kashefsky, DPM

Lower Extremity Pain in Runner Treated with igli Allround Light by Lauren Carroll, PT, DPT

Hip pain in professional golfer treated with igli Allround carbon orthotic

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